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Body Contouring & Lifts

If you are struggling with problem areas like a double chin, flabby stomach, or thick thighs, then Body contouring at Cosmetoplast is the solution you’re looking for. Our team provides surgical and nonsurgical solutions to address these stubborn fat deposits and give you a slender and better physique with minimal downtime. Dr. Vikramaditya is proud to offer body contouring procedures to all genders all over India.

Explore your options

1. Liposuction

Yet can’t get rid??

You exercise and diet regularly, yet can get rid of the last fat roll on your tummy or love handles?

Liposuction helps you get rid of that stubborn unwanted fat deposits.

With the help of the latest technologies, 3D Liposuction can give you the ‘Abs’ you always wanted.

Other popular areas of Liposuction are thighs, arms,

double chin etc.

liposuction of abdomen, thigh,  back folds, inner thigh. arms

2. Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or ‘Man-boobs’ are excessive Breast glandular tissue or Fat deposits on the male chests making them look more feminine.


These can be resolved with liposuction and removal of the excessive gland through a virtually scarless surgery.

man boobs, male boobs, male breast, gynecomastia correction by liposuction

Massive Weightloss individuals usually are stuck with excessive hanging skin on their abdomen, or muffin tops and arm flaps.

These excessive skin flaps can be removed surgically to give you a toned look.

3. Abdominplasty or Tummy tuck

abdominoplasty, lower body lift, tummy tuck, thigh lift, brazilian buttock lift

4. Fat Grafting and Fat Transfer.

Fat derived from liposuction can be used to correct minor depressions on the face or body, improve scars, improve the curves of your “Hour Glass Figure”, or enhance the breast size.

Micro and Nano Fat contains stem cells which help in improving acne scars, burn scars, wound scars etc.

fat grafdting to enhance curves, breast augmentation, buttock lift with fat grafting
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